Soli Mosaic City

Soli Mosaic City

City Structures,

Excavitons in Solu have unearted a theater, temples, palace ruins, agora, church and a necropolis belonging to different periods. A swedish excavation in the city between 1927-1930.  After the excavations of the theater building the isis Temple and the Aprodite and serapis Temple were unearted. The Aphrodite Temple is located on a hill to the west of the theater. But it is not out in the open today. The sculupture of Aphrodite found here and dated back to the 1st century is now exhibited at the Museum of Cyprus in South Cyprus. The palace building from the Hellenistic period is also located on this hill. Canadian Archeologistic continiued excavations here in the 1960s A team of experts sent by Laval  university. Quebec unearted the Early Christian Church in 1967. May tombs from the Geoketric period 1050-750Bc to roman periods 58-50 Bc 395 Ad were found in the necropolis area. The canadians also unearhed the city agora with the remains of a marble fountain, shops, dated back to the Early Roman Period 1050 750 Bc to Roman Period and ruins belonging to the Hellenistic Period. Excavation carried out by the North Cyprus Department of Antiqities and Museum in 2005 have unearthed many tombs. and very rich finds. One tomb that was carved on the rocks is famous for its three tomb architecture and is believed to belong to a noble. this tomb housed a golden crown, diadem and gold jewelery as well as other metal cups. These are exhibited in the Museum of Archeology and Nature in Guzelyurt.


soli mosaic Lefke cyprus

soli mosaic city

Soli Church

The Roman theater in Soli was built on top of the remains of the Greek theatre, facing the sea, In daes back to end of 2nd century and begining of 3rd century AD. The seats of the spectators were carved as a half circle on the rocks of the hill. This was separeted from the orchestra in the middle by a lime stone wall. There were used in the buildings of Port Said in the 19th century This part which has a capacity of 4000 has been restored up to half of its height the stage had two floors and was covered with marbles and sculptures. The Part that is visible today was built on top of the stage.

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