Eco Tourism in North Cyprus

Fantastic Natural Eco holiday in North Cyprus

Are you looking to go holiday to north cyprus and stay in a family run Hotel and have organic food from own Farm, including fresh Eggs, Fresh Tomatoes, even Fresh Meat! North Cyprus shows all its beauties to the clients. Our Villages are waiting for its clients by all its magnificent nature and cultural richnesses.

Whenever an escape is planned from the daily life that is becoming ordinary, villages of North Cyprus can be preferred. Beauties of untouched nature can be discovered and people can actively participate to the cultural life.

We have untouched hidden beaches of the crystal clear water of Mediterranean can be experienced to the fullest.

In the lodged cute village pension, you can feel yourself in a fairy tale. Traditional Cypriot foods and beverages of North Cyprus can be tasted, authentic flavours can be discovered. You can try many local foods from the Cypriot Cuisine such as Molohiya, Halloumi (Cypriot Traditional Cheese) Sheftali Kebab ( Traditional Cypriot Meatball) You can have  a fresh start to your day when you have a village breakfast that consist of Home made jams, and pastries, Fresh egg, Fresh Bread, and Home made Halloumi Cheese.

Natural and Organic Holidays in Lapta North Cyprus

We offer Natural and Organic Holidays in Lapta at Hotel Sempati, This Eco friendly Hotel located in a Natural area surround by Olive Trees, Hotel Sempati Own organic farm and they produce their own Egg, Cheese, Bread, and Meat. You can have fresh egg for your breakfast and All greens for your salad comes from organic garden.


We can organise this holidays for you all year round, we can combine your holiday with Walking or cycling or we can make twin centre to stay Lapta and Dipkarpaz, so you can taste different part of North Cyprus.


Unspoilt Mediterranean Sea



Fresh Eggs for your breakfast in Lapta Hotel Sempati




Lapta Village North Cyprus



Fresh Milk for your Breakfast


While wandering around Karpaz you can meet with Wild Karpaz Donkeys in the nature, you can also have the opportunity to see Caret Caret turtles that can hatch their eggs to only special bays of Mediterranean.

When you join the village of North Cyprus, its its inevitable to see the surrounding olive and carob trees. Olive Trees that bear harvest time in village you can harvest olives with villagers and observe olive oil acquiring period. Especially when delicious flavour of bread with olive and helium cooked in stove oven by villager women, you will fall in love with North Cyprus one more time.

Cyprus Kebab


Cypriot Shish Kebab (lamb kebab with Onion and Green Paper