Eco Tourism in North Cyprus

Fantastic Natural Eco holiday in North Cyprus

Are you looking to go holiday to north cyprus and stay in a family run Hotel and have organic food from own Farm, including fresh Eggs, Fresh Tomatoes, even Fresh Meat! North Cyprus shows all its beauties to the clients. Our Villages are waiting for its clients by all its magnificent nature and cultural richnesses.

Whenever an escape is planned from the daily life that is becoming ordinary, villages of North Cyprus can be preferred. Beauties of untouched nature can be discovered and people can actively participate to the cultural life.

We have untouched hidden beaches of the crystal clear water of Mediterranean can be experienced to the fullest.

In the lodged cute village pension, you can feel yourself in a fairy tale. Traditional Cypriot foods and beverages of North Cyprus can be tasted, authentic flavours can be discovered. You can try many local foods from the Cypriot Cuisine such as Molohiya, Halloumi (Cypriot Traditional Cheese) Sheftali Kebab ( Traditional Cypriot Meatball) You can have  a fresh start to your day when you have a village breakfast that consist of Home made jams, and pastries, Fresh egg, Fresh Bread, and Home made Halloumi Cheese.

Natural and Organic Holidays in Lapta North Cyprus

We offer Natural and Organic Holidays in Lapta at Hotel Sempati, This Eco friendly Hotel located in a Natural area surround by Olive Trees, Hotel Sempati Own organic farm and they produce their own Egg, Cheese, Bread, and Meat. You can have fresh egg for your breakfast and All greens for your salad comes from organic garden.


We can organise this holidays for you all year round, we can combine your holiday with Walking or cycling or we can make twin centre to stay Lapta and Dipkarpaz, so you can taste different part of North Cyprus.


Unspoilt Mediterranean Sea



Fresh Eggs for your breakfast in Lapta Hotel Sempati




Lapta Village North Cyprus



Fresh Milk for your Breakfast


While wandering around Karpaz you can meet with Wild Karpaz Donkeys in the nature, you can also have the opportunity to see Caret Caret turtles that can hatch their eggs to only special bays of Mediterranean.

When you join the village of North Cyprus, its its inevitable to see the surrounding olive and carob trees. Olive Trees that bear harvest time in village you can harvest olives with villagers and observe olive oil acquiring period. Especially when delicious flavour of bread with olive and helium cooked in stove oven by villager women, you will fall in love with North Cyprus one more time.

Cyprus Kebab


Cypriot Shish Kebab (lamb kebab with Onion and Green Paper


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North Cyprus Boutique Hotels – Kemerli Konak

Are you looking for Real

Boutique Hotel in North Cyprus ?

This Week we have excellent news for our clients, we didn’t snooze again we worked hard, and made exclusive agreement with brand new Boutique Hotel in Kyrenia North Cyprus which one and where? yes we offer now package holidays for north cyprus with boutique hotel

Kemerli Konak Boutique Hotel

A great place in Kyrenia North Cyprus, real boutique hotel, exclusive, great service, quality, and Traditional, all those are in one place, Kemerli Konak Boutique Hotel opened by Murat Girgen Family at Upper Kyrenia, in a Zeytinlik ( olive Grove ) village, Murat and family in a same time running Arch Way Traditional Meze kebab Restaurant, they decided to put their experience in to  Accommodation business and they renovated this beautiful place and they opened Kemerli Konak Boutique Hotel,

Kemerli Konak Boutique Hotel, has 16 Traditional Style designed rooms, and each room has different name, all rooms have En-suite facilities, air-conditioner, Heating, Hair-dryer, Satellite TV, Mini fridge, Kemerli Konak Boutique Hotel offer, Traditional Cypriot Style village breakfast and if you would like to have dinner you can cross the road and taste delicious food of Archway, the Zeytinlik village, so pretty to make walking, look around, After breakfast you can walk down to Kyrenia Centre, and walk back to Village, only 3 Km away from Centre of Kyrenia, there is fresh water swimming pool available at the Kemerli Konak.

If you would like to stay this great Boutique hotel call us today 0203 150 0352


Kemerli Konak Boutique hotel

kemerli kanak boutique hotel

kemerli kanak boutique hotel

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Hotel in Kyrenia Harbour

Are you looking Small Hotel in Kyrenia Harbour ?

Always we carefully listen our client requirements and make our programs, during last season we got very few enquiries for Kyrenia Hotels and not only that our clients asked for us if is possible to stay right in the Harbour area ? we said why not and we made our re search and our local North Cyprus office suggest us few hotels and we decided to take in to our summer and winter brochure British Hotel,

The british Hotel, located right in the harbour, magnificent view of the Kyrenia Harbour and Castle, You can seat on your balcony and watch the Great Kyrenia Castle and Beautiful ancient Kyrenia Harbour, this Small family run hotel offers Bed and Breakfast basis, En-Suite rooms with Air-conditioner and Heating facilities, its perfect location for who looking for to stay around the Harbour, nearby to shops, Restaurants, you can walk up to centre and take Kombos Dolmush and visit Nicosia or Famagusta, and also from centre you can find public buses to Bellapais and Lapta area.

If you want to book package holidays to Kyrenia harbour hotel call us today 0203 150 0352

British Hotel Kyrenia

British Hotel Kyrenia

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North Cyprus Self Catering Holidays

Are you looking Self Catering Holidays in

Northern Cyprus ?

This year we have added some villas and Self catering new places in to our profile, as we get Enquiries from you and we go and find the best accommodation for your request, some of our clients want to go to villa or Self catering accommodation in North Cyprus, We have option now for north cyprus self catering holidays

Villa Club Holiday Village ( Self Catering)

This great place located west of Kyrenia in Alsancak only 100 meter to Denizkizi beach offering Self Catering Accommodation, Villa Club holiday club  has large green garden, swimming pool pool bar and Restaurant, nearby to Restaurants, beach and sea sports, such as paragliding, scuba diving, and surfing, There are few supermarket nearby to hotel, and if you want to go to Kyrenia Centre, from Top of the road regular public bus service available from morning to Evening. Villa Club Holiday village, is perfect location who looking great green garden place,relax, family atmosphere, Owner Mustafa and his wife Alison make sure you looked after very well.

Self catering package holidays available from any UK airport to Ercan or Larnaca airport, including Atol protection.

To book Villa Club Holiday Village call us today 0203 150 0352

villa Club Holiday village


villa Club Holiday village


villa Club Holiday village

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North Cyprus All inclusive Holidays


New All inclusive Holidays for North Cyprus.

A1cyprus working hard to bring you the best holiday option for great value, during last holiday season we got lots of All inclusive Enquiry for North Cyprus, so we worked hard and reserved plenty rooms for you All inclusive base and for great value, You’re important for us, this summer you will able to go All inclusive holidays in North Cyprus. Where ? in Lapta, This is great option, Why? great value and family friendly, Great food, North Cyprus All inclusive holidays our job, don’t book before spoken with us.

And up to 14 years old Child Free!!

Lapta Holiday Club

This All inclusive Holiday Club Located west of Kyrenia in Lapta Village, offers great service for everyone specially Families with Children, there is Large Aqua Park, two Swimming pool, large garden and Delicious Food, Lapta Holiday Club has Large Space, with Beach platform, so you can enjoy around aqua park or other swimming pool, or you can enjoy mediterrenean water, Hotel located in Lapta Hotels area, there is 1 beach club, few restaurant and Market available, so if you want to go out and taste other Cypriot food there is restaurants in walking Distance, Lapta Holiday Club only 35 Minutes from Ercan Airport and 1 hour 30 minutes away from Larnaca Airport.

Lapta Holiday Club

Lapta Holiday Club

Lapta is one of the famous Touristic village, in Lapta area, there is Restaurants bars, coffee shops, Night Club, Live Entertainment Available, you’re only 10-15 minutes away from Kyrenia town Centre. There is Taxi stop next to hotel also, there is Local buses run from morning to midnight if you wish to go to Kyrenia Centre. Next village to Lapta, is Karsiyaka, if you hire a car highly recommend to visit Sinai Monastery, Old Tank and Kozan Restaurant on Lapta Mountains.

Lapta Holiday Club

Call us for North Cyprus All inclusive holidays, get best deal today

0203 150 0352

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All inclusive holidays in North Cyprus

We are offering All inclusive holidays for

North Cyprus 2015 Summer,

We have Exlusive Sale for Lapta Holiday Club This year, this Holiday Club offer All inclusive holidays and also Free Accommodation up to 14 years old, Lapta Holiday Club located 12 Km West of Kyrenia, only 45 Minutes away from Ercan Airport and 1 hour 30 minutes from Larnaca Airport, We can book your all inclusive package holidays to North Cyprus including your Flight for private airport transfers for great deal, Lapta Holiday Club Has

  • 2 outdoor Swimming pool
  • Aqua Park
  • Man Made Beach
  • Beach Bar
  • Restaurant
  • Bar
  • Shops and Restaurants Nearby
  • Mini buses pass front of the hotel during Day and night


we have great Deals for Lapta Holiday Club, All inclusive and up to 14 years old Free of Charge!


Lapta Holiday Club


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The towers of Istanbul

The towers of Istanbul

Although the Mosques erected on its major hills form the silhoutte of Istanbul historic peninsula, the towers of Istanbul are the city’s true gems.

All there towers are integral components of Istanbul’s identity, be it for their value as symbols. Beyazit Fire Tower, for example, built so that the city would not be destroyed in the fires for which it was famous, was prominently located for averting this danger. The Galata Tower as well served the same purpose for many years. And the historic Maiden’s tower, due to its strategic location, was used mainly for military purposes prior to the Ottoman period. Standing in the strait, which was finally secured by the Ottomans.

It was used for roles in keeping with its own mission as “the Pearl of the Bosphorus” and become a lifesaving tower that guided ships and saved them from striking the rocks and being dragged off course.


Galata Tower

This tower was erected for purposes of defence in 1438 by Genoese, who were involved in strife with the Byzantines. It rose atop a hill together with the walls punctuated by small towers that encircled the city’s upper districts. Although little remains of those walls, which were razed at the behest of Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror.

Galata Tower

The Maiden’s Tower

Among Istanbul’s towers, this is perhaps the most legendary,which has made it one of the city’s most critical symbols. It has been rebuilt and changed in shape many times since it was first constructed. The sources speak of a structure already in 411 B.C but don’t mention a building on the scale of tower. From Time to time it has also served as a place of punishment for certain state officials.

Maidens Tower

Beyazit Fire Tower

Prior to the building of today’s stone tower, other wooden fire towers stood in the same district. When these were destroyed in various fires, this tower was finally erected in their place in 1828, very probobly by Sernerkim Balyan. Although partially destroyed by fire in 1894, it was restored in keeping with the Original. The destruction in a fire of this tower, which built expressly to prevent fires, is surely a straight twist of fate.

beyazit fire tower

Yildiz and Dolmabahce Towers

Sultan Abdulhamit II, who only appeared in public to go to the Friday prayers, was eager offset his invisibility through public buildings, so he had clock towers built in the empire’s major cities such as Istanbul, Damascus and Izmir Dolmabahce Clock Tower, which, together with the Maiden’s tower, make a consummate a appearance on the banks of the Bosphorus, was built by the Balyan Family of architects between 1890 and 1894. Rising twenty-seven meters in height in a marble platform, it reflects a style that  incorporates elements of the Baroque, Neoclassical and Empire. Like Dolmabahce, Yildiz Clock Tower, built in 1890, was also built in an eclectic style but ranked higher in state protocol because it stood next to Yildiz palace, the new seat of power in the Ottoman capital.

Yildiz and Dolmabahce Towers


Find the best two Centre holidays for Istanbul and North cyprus holidays

Call our holiday experts 0044 203 150 0352

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Istanbul in 12 Hours

Istanbul in 12 Hours

You’re in Ataturk International Airport, and you have a few hours until your next flight. You can turn this waiting period  into an unforgettable experience. How ? Here  are the musts for a quicker tour of Istanbul.

Dikilitas(Egyptian Obelisk)

Dikilitas was constructed in 1450 BC in memory of Thutmose III in the ancient Egyptian city of thebes, and brought to Istanbul in AD 390.

Egyptian Obeliski

Turkish Delight From the Spice Bazaar

You can find various delicacies. from Turkish delight to dried fruits. baklava and spices, in the Spice Bazaar.

Turkish Delight


Books from Sahaflar Bazaar

Situated near the Beyaztit Gate of Kapalicarsi, Sahaflar Bazaar dates back to the 15th century. The bazaar offers a rich variety of books and manuscripts.

Basilica Cistern

Follow Sean Connery’s footsteps and enter the Basilica Cistern, built in AD 532. The two Medusa sculptures on the cistern remain mysterious.

basilica cistern

Blue Mosque(Sultanahmet Camii

Built in the name of Sultan Ahmed I between 1609 and 1616, this architectural jewel is known as the six-minaret mosque in Istanbul

Hagia Sophia

Turned into a mosque during Ottoman reign, the structure has an arch with Greek inscriptions while the calligraphy plates are decorated with Arabic verses.

hagia sophia

Turkish Coffee in the Madrasa

Dating to 1708, the yard of Corlulu Ali Pasha in Beyazit is known for its authentic coffee houses. You can drink Turkish coffee cooked in embers, tea, or herbal tea in a variety of places decorated with colourful lamps.

turkish coffee

Kaftans from the Grand Bazaar

You can buy suzani fabrics, kaftans and pashminas from Ottomano in the Grand Bazaar; feel yourself like a real sultan. Sandal Bedesteni St.No:36

Topkapi Palace

This palace overlooks where the Golden Horn, the Bosphorus and the Marmara Sea converge and has four fabulous gardens.

Topkapi palace istanbul


This Marble stone, situated next to the Basilica cistern had been used to measure the distance from principal cities to Istanbul

Fish Sandwiches near the Galata Bridge

While you’re eating fish near the Galata Bridge, enjoy the view of the Golden Horn.

Fish Sandwiches Istanbul


Records From the Gramophone Grandfather

Mehmet Oztekin, the Gramophone Grandfather is the last gramophone repairman in Istanbul. In his shop in Grand Bazaar you can find nearly 2,000 record.

Rustem Pasha Mosque

with Consruction having begun in 1561, these examples of tile artistry in Iznik at its peak deserve to be scrutinized pattern by pattern.

You can combine your Istanbul break with North Cyprus Call us for more details 0203 150 0352

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