Flying with Turkish Airlines to North Cyprus

Flying to North Cyprus via U.K airports.

A1CYPRUS offers flights and package holidays from the U.K to north Cyprus with Turkish Airlines. Turkish Airlines Flies to North Cyprus Ercan Airport from; London Heathrow, London Gatwick, Manchester, Birmingham, Edinburgh and Dublin. A1CYPRUS also offers flight, hotel and transfer deals to North Cyprus at the best price for you.


International Transfer


Having doubts or trouble flying via Turkish airlines due to the fact that you have to change planes? This will come to a stop, because after reading this clear guide, you will have no doubts.

Starting off at the beginning, it is your choice whether you check-in at the airport or online, but either way you have to go to the Turkish Airlines check-in desk to check in your suitcase or other main luggage. It is important to remember that once you have checked in your luggage, it will directly go to Ercan – you don’t need to collect it and re check it in at Istanbul.

After checking in, you would carry on through the airport as normal; hand luggage check, passport control, finding your flight time and the correct gate, and most importantly BEING ON TIME! The plane will not wait for you. Once on the plane you should enjoy the flight like normal, there is no need to stress or panic about where to go or what to do in Istanbul.

Turkish Airlines

Once the flight lands, you will collect your hand luggage (remembering that your suitcase is being taken care of) and depart the aeroplane. Once off the plane at Istanbul, you should head towards INTERNATIONAL TERMINAL TRANSFERS, which is where you will find the next gate to your connecting flight. It is understandable that people sometimes get lost and this may happen to you, so if it does it is important not to panic, and to simply seek help. There will be a Turkish Airlines help desk available to answer any questions you may have about your flight transfer, but if you can’t find this, with friendly staff, and other regular flyers, there is a guarantee you can find someone who can direct you to the correct place. Although with the clear signs and directions throughout the airport, it shouldn’t be a problem.

You will then board your awaiting aeroplane, this time with your destination as Ercan – North Cyprus When you arrive at Ercan airport, you will follow through to passport control, then go directly to collect your luggage and exit via the departure doors in the airport. If you have booked a transfer with A1CYPRUS, this is where you will be collected and shown to your transfer car.

Remember that your main luggage is not your responsibility whilst at Istanbul Atatürk Airport if you’re transferring flights, although your hand luggage and personal items are always your responsibility and the airline or company cannot take responsibility for loss or theft of these items. Your main suitcase will become your responsibility once you have landed at Ercan Airport.

If you miss Connection Flight please let us know 0090 533 848 9000

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Early Booking Discount for North Cyprus Holidays

North Cyprus Holidays on Sale Now!

Book your 2015 package Holidays to North Cyprus now and Save money,

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holiday in North Cyprus with Children

Where to stay with Children

Today I will give you information for Families with children, where to stay, Which Hotels best for Children, and what to do in North Cyprus holidays with Children. First of All North Cyprus is Safe for Children, and Cypriots Love Children.

family hotels

I can recommend Following hotels :-

Hotel Sempati : Small Family Run Hotel located west of Kyrenia, Bungalows best option for families with Children, there is Large Swimming pool with Children section, Children play Ground, and nearby to small public beach

sempati bungalows

Acapulco Ressort Hotel in Kyrenia. Hotel Has sandy beach, Children Park, Lunapark, Large Space, Animation during summer period. Swimming pool, Aqua Park

acapulco hotel lunapark

Oscar Resort Hotel : Located just outskirt of Kyrenia, there is Small Sandy Beach, Children park, Swimming pool, Aqua Park, Children playground

Oscar Resort Hotel

Kaya Artemis Hotel : Located in Bafra Tourism Area, There is fantastic Sandy BEach, Swimming pool, Aqua park, Children playground.

If you are looking All inclusive Hotels in North Cyprus, I can recommend Merit Crystal Cove and Merit Park Hotel, Both offer high Class Serice, Sandy Beach, Children playground, however there is no Aqua Park.


What to do in North Cyprus ? Where to Eat with Children ?

I belive this Post will be Perfect for Families with Children, If I plan to go holiday with My kids first of All I check Hotels, I check what we can do and Where to eat.

In Kyrenia Area, There is good Restaurants for Families with Children, Such as, Ezic Peanut Restaurant, Ezic Premier, Burger King, Also I can recommend Turkish Pizza Restaurants ( Lahmacun) Pizza with Mincemeat on it, its great food for Children. Chicken Run, Also you can find few Fish and Chip Shop around Kyrenia area.

In Kyrenia Harbour, you will find Children playground area, there is two, so if you take a walk to harbour you can’t miss it.

King Bowling is great play area, There is Bowling, And lots of Different Play machines, inclueding billard, table football, and more.

If children looking for Cake Shop, Cacao the best option I belive, they will love home made ice cream, waffle, and Chocolates.


Cacao Cake Shop and Restaurant.

located next to old Jasmine court hotel, If you drive to Lapta side from Kyrenia you will see left side
King Bowling Kyrenia

King Bowling Kyrenia

Located Kyrenia Lapta Road, around 2 Km West of Kyrenia

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2015 flights to Ercan from UK

2015 flights to Ercan from UK

Today I would like to give you information for 2015 Flights to Ercan from UK Airports most of our clients wants to fly to Ercan airport anymore, to Flying Ercan Airport its cheaper and easier to to go North Cyprus Destinations, cheaper Taxi Fare, and also less Taxi time, once our clients fly to Larnaca Airport, next time they prefer to fly Ercan Airport, Recent years Many Airlines started to fly Ercan Airport, and they do special offers and early booking offers.

Ercan Airport

Pegasus Airlines

Pegasus Airlines Flying from Stansted Airport to Ercan Airport daily via Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen Airport. Currently there are 3 Flights daily to Ercan Airport.

13:20 Departure from Stansted to ercan Airport Daily

15:20 Departure from Stansted to Ercan Airport Daily

23:35 Departure from Stansted to Ercan Airport. Daily

and if you book Early you can find rates return flights including all taxes starting from £ 140.00, Pegasus Airline is one of the Budget airline in Turkey, 20 Kg Check in Luggage and 8 Kg Hand luggage including in the prices, however you have to buy the food and drink on board, you can do online check in when we send you booking number. When you fly from Stansted to Ercan you don’t have to take off from the plane, you stay on the plane and maximum 30 minutes, you will fly again.

Turkish Airlines

Yes we always remember their Slogan “Globally yours” its great slogan isn’t it ? I fly with most of the airlines, Luxury and budget airlines all over the world, I can class the Turkish Airline, High Class Airline, with Service, food, Staff, Flying Experience is perfect. Turkish Airlines, Connect Ercan airport to world. There are Flights to Istanbul Ataturk Airport, From Birmingham, Manchester, Heathrow, Gatwick, Edinburgh, Dublin.

10:05 Dep From Gatwick Airport

11:50 Dep From Gatwick Airport

12:35 Dep From Gatwick Airport

06:55 Dep From London Heathrow Airport

16:30 Dep From, London Heathrow Airport

11:25 Dep From London Heathrow Airport

11:15 Dep From Manchester Airport

16:05 Dep From Manchester Airport

11:15 Dep From Birmingham Airport

15:55 Dep From Birmingham Airport

16:05 Dep From Edinburgh Airport

11:00 Dep From Dublin Airport

Those flights above, fly to Istanbul Ataturk Airport, you can buy your tickets from our website online to Ercan Airport, once you arrived Istanbul Ataturk Airport, you will go to Transit saloon and will catch Ercan Flight, there are plenty flights from Istanbul to Ercan airport, Turkish Airlines flights including check in luggage hand luggage, all food and drinks, so you don’t have to pay any extra money.

Atlas Jet Airlines

Atlas Jet Airlines one of the Economy plus Airline in Turkey, recent years they improved their Quality and service, and now they are offering great service, 77 Cm seat space, chef on board, good in-flight meals, drinks, freiendly staff and good prices. They are flying from Luton Airport to Ercan airport Daily

Daily 12:15 Dep From Luton Airport to Ercan Airport.

When you fly with Aitlas Jet from Luton airport you don’t need to take off from the plane when you arrive Istanbul Ataturk Airport, you stay on the plane and maximum 30 minutes, you will fly again. All food and drinks including in the price, and check in luggage hand luggage included. you can book Atlas Jet Flights online from our website


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Soli Mosaic City

Soli Mosaic City

City Structures,

Excavitons in Solu have unearted a theater, temples, palace ruins, agora, church and a necropolis belonging to different periods. A swedish excavation in the city between 1927-1930.  After the excavations of the theater building the isis Temple and the Aprodite and serapis Temple were unearted. The Aphrodite Temple is located on a hill to the west of the theater. But it is not out in the open today. The sculupture of Aphrodite found here and dated back to the 1st century is now exhibited at the Museum of Cyprus in South Cyprus. The palace building from the Hellenistic period is also located on this hill. Canadian Archeologistic continiued excavations here in the 1960s A team of experts sent by Laval  university. Quebec unearted the Early Christian Church in 1967. May tombs from the Geoketric period 1050-750Bc to roman periods 58-50 Bc 395 Ad were found in the necropolis area. The canadians also unearhed the city agora with the remains of a marble fountain, shops, dated back to the Early Roman Period 1050 750 Bc to Roman Period and ruins belonging to the Hellenistic Period. Excavation carried out by the North Cyprus Department of Antiqities and Museum in 2005 have unearthed many tombs. and very rich finds. One tomb that was carved on the rocks is famous for its three tomb architecture and is believed to belong to a noble. this tomb housed a golden crown, diadem and gold jewelery as well as other metal cups. These are exhibited in the Museum of Archeology and Nature in Guzelyurt.


soli mosaic Lefke cyprus

soli mosaic city

Soli Church

The Roman theater in Soli was built on top of the remains of the Greek theatre, facing the sea, In daes back to end of 2nd century and begining of 3rd century AD. The seats of the spectators were carved as a half circle on the rocks of the hill. This was separeted from the orchestra in the middle by a lime stone wall. There were used in the buildings of Port Said in the 19th century This part which has a capacity of 4000 has been restored up to half of its height the stage had two floors and was covered with marbles and sculptures. The Part that is visible today was built on top of the stage.

Are you looking hotel in Lefke North Cyprus 


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North Cyprus Activities

North Cyprus Activities

Whether you like activities on dry land, in the sea or in the sky, North Cyprus has something to offer.

Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving is one of the main activities in Cyprus because of the crystal clear blue sea, the reefs, wrecks and different species of fish. There are PADI schools that will show you the underwater world, whether you are a beginner or already a qualified diver.

Scuba Diving in Cyprus

Scuba Diving in Cyprus

Golf in North Cyprus

Korineum Golf & Beach Resort is a must for anyone that enjoys golf. Due to the hot weather, March, April, May, September, October and November are the best months for playing golf. Although you are almost certainly guaranteed hot weather, if will not be unbearable like it is in the summer months, or possible rain for the couple of months in the winter. Relax and enjoy your game while topping up the tan.

Golf in North cyprus


What better way to see some North Cyprus, than from a bird’s eye view. You can tandem paraglide from the top of the mountain, around 2500ft high. With the qualified instructor you will see more than you expected on your slow decent down to the ground. Or, for the more adventurous, you can ask for fast, adrenaline ride! As a keepsake you can purchase photos, dvds and t-shirt’s.




Walking holidays are becoming very popular now, and what better place to walk than in a beauty, unspoilt, warm country. The weather is dry for most of the year therefore, you could even take your holiday out of season, in the cheaper months. With numerous places suitable for walking, you have a choice whether you are a beginner or more experienced, whether you want a mountain walk, town walk or a stunning coastal walk. Towards the beginning of the year you might also find one of the organised orchid or wild flower walks.

walking in north cyprus

walking in north cyprus

Turtle Hatching

The Green turtles and the Loggerheads lay their eggs in North Cyprus between May to August. The eggs will stay buried in the sand for about 50 days, when they will then be ready to hatch. If you’re in North Cyprus between August and September you could be lucky enough to see a hatching. Both species of turtles are classed as endangered. There is a turtle watch team that patrol some of the beaches and mark off where the nests have been laid, so that they are sectioned off and not disturbed by people on the beach. They will then do an organised hatching that you are welcome to go and watch.

turtle hatching North Cyprus

turtle hatching North Cyprus

Wild donkeys

Another endangered species is the wild donkey. Once part of your household, they were used to carry crop from the fields. Now, after being left to fend for themselves, there are very few of them compared to before. They were taken to the Karpas Peninsula National Park, where you can still see them today. As they have been left in the wild for so many years, they are no longer used to human contact, can be bad tempered and you should not approach them.

Wild Donkey North Cyprus

Wild Donkey North Cyprus

Bird Watching

With more than 340 species of bird in North Cyprus, some which are only found in North Cyprus. The birds migrate twice a year. There is a bird watching group, that if you want, can show you were to go and what to look for.

cyprus bird watching

cyprus bird watching

Painting Holidays

With so many beautiful sites and architecture, if you like to paint then you will find something to suit your ability. Try to avoid July and August as it might be too hot for you to sit around in and paint. But there are plenty of months when the weather will be perfect for you to capture.

North Cyprus painting holidays

North Cyprus painting holidays

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Top 10 North Cyprus Hotels

Top 10 North Cyprus Hotels



In the village of Lapta, Kyrenia, you will find the friendly family run Hotel Sempati This 3* hotel is popular for families, as well as repeat customers. It is just a few minutes walk to the seafront and small secluded beach. The arched main building means that every hotel room receives a beautiful sea view. They have 6 poolside bungalows and 29 new superior rooms. The superior rooms are set in the lovely gardens away from the main building. There are a few traditional Cypriot restaurants within walking distance.

Hotel Sempati

Hotel Sempati


Situated on the outskirts of Kyrenia city centre is the 4* Pia Bella Hotel Just 15 minutes walk to the city centre, or a few minutes on the bus, it is the ideal location for being near town but without the noise. The majority of the rooms have a pool/garden view and a few rooms have a sea view. This hotel has 2 freshwater swimming pools, indoor and outdoor restaurants, casino and games room. They have regular entertainment throughout the summer months. The Pia Bella is the ideal hotel to suit all the family.

Pia Bella Hotel


North of Famagusta, on the East coast, is Long Beach Club. The hotel has a beautiful beachfront location. Set on one of the safest beaches in Cyprus, this hotel is not only popular with those who want to relax, but also families. The turquoise shallow waters is the ideal place to cool down in when the weather is hot. With a selection of bars, restaurants and children’s play area, this resort 10 miles outside of Famagusta, is a good choice to combine relaxing as well as exploring the local history.

Long beach Club



Just 6 miles from Kyrenia town centre is the Merit Crystal Cove Hotel. This 5* All Inclusive hotel, set on the seafront, has everything you need without leaving the hotel and its grounds. With its own private beach, indoor and outdoor restaurants, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, spa center tennis courts and shops. It has a selection of standard, suite and king suite rooms, some with sea views. Not only do they have the All Inclusive restaurant, but you can also find international cuisine in one of the other restaurants. If you are looking for a luxurious hotel, then this is the ideal choice.



1.5km from Kyrenia centre is Oscar Resort Hotel Suitable for couples as well as families, this 4* hotel offers good value for money. Not only does the hotel have a freshwater pool, they also have two themed pools, one with slides and the other a wave machine. If you want to relax then you can do so in the outside Jacuzzi, sandy beach or spa and wellness centre. Here they offer Turkish Bath, sauna, steam room and a selection of massages and skin care programmes. Also on offer is a children’s play area, or casino for the adults.

Oscar Resort Hotel


If you want to relax in a quiet location with stunning views of Kyrenia, the surrounding areas and the sea, then there is no better place than Bellapais Gardens Hotel  Situated in the Five Finger Mountain Range, in the village of Bellapais, with just 17 cottages, you are sure to receive a good personal service from the staff at the hotel. Set amongst the citrus and fruit trees, with the aroma of the garden flowers, you can’t fail to relax. This hotel received a Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence in the year 2012.

Bellapais Gardens Hotel


In Kyrenia centre, just around the corner from the picturesque harbour, is this 5* hotel and casino. You can relax and enjoy the sun on the seafront pool and terrace. The hotel has a bar, a la carte restaurant, casino, spa and fitness centre. Something you won’t find in most hotels are the limo service and babysitting service that they offer. Just a few minutes walk from a selection of shops, bars and restaurants.
The Rocks Hotel Kyrenia have received Certificate of Excellence awards in 2012 & 2013, and the Travellers Choice awards in both 2013 & 2014.

Rocks Hotel North Cyprus

Rocks Hotel North Cyprus


Set in a garden of beautiful roses, this small, family run hotel is great value for money. 20 minutes from Kyrenia centre, in the village of Lapta, you will receive a friendly welcoming and personal service throughout your stay. Rose Garden Holiday village gallery bungalows are set to the side of the main building and at the back of the gardens so you are guaranteed peace and quiet. With an indoor and outdoor bar and restaurant you will find a good standard of food. However if you want to go out for the evening there is a selection of good restaurants within 15 minutes walk.

rose gardens holiday village

rose gardens holiday village



Part of the Merit Group, this 5* All Inclusive hotel offers nothing but luxury. Merit Park Hotel is Situated 6km outside of Kyrenia you can enjoy the Olympic size swimming pool, indoor pool and spa center, beauty salon, shops, bars, restaurants, Turkish Bath, sauna, children’s play area and casino. With a choice of standard rooms or suites you be spoilt for choice at this hotel. If you have young children then you can benefit from the Kids Club and also babysitting service.

Merit Park Hotel

Merit Park Hotel


Denizkizi Royal Hotel

In the village of Alsancak, 5 miles west of Kyrenia, is the Cypriot family run beachfront hotel of Denizkizi. Overlooking a sandy cove, you only have a few minutes walk to relax on the beach and cool off in the clear blue waters. The large, freshwater swimming pool has a shallow children’s section as well as a waterfall. The Denizkizi Roayl Hotel has a fitness center, sauna, steam room and Jacuzzi. The hotel has its own diving school, so whether you are a beginner or already qualified diver, they can show you the beauty of the underwater world.

denizkizi royal hotel

denizkizi royal hotel


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North Cyprus Summer Special offers

North Cyprus Summer School Holiday Offers

A1cyprus Holidays offering great package holidays for Summer School Holidays, Flying from Luton with Atlas Jet, prices Starts from £ 399.00 Person, there is limited offers available for those prices dont be late, book today. You will see top 5 North Cyprus Holidays below, and information. North Cyprus is great Destination for your family Holidays, guaranteed Sunshine, family friendly resorts, and more.

North Cyprus Holiday offers

North Cyprus Holiday offers


Hotel Sempati

This Family Friendly place located west of Kyrenia, great place for summer holidays, there are poolside bungalows, and superior rooms for families, Large Swimming pool, and the public beach is only 100 meter away from the Hotel, you can swim, or snorkelling, suitable for both, there are several good restaurants around the hotel, if you walk or take minibus to Lapta Strip you will find more restaurants and bars, there, such as calamari, Veni vici, Hanimeller Restaurant. During summer holiday period there is live Entertainment evenings.



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