Spend a Day in North Cyprus



Kyrenia Harbour

So you have 24 hours in the beautiful island of North Cyprus Never been and looking to discover the historical Kyrenia harbour, and more, drop the luggage to the hotel, and put yourself outside to discover the unspoilt North Cyprus, shops and Cafes opens around 09.00 am, so walk down to old Harbour, and have your breakfast opposite the Kyrenia Castle, Fresh Cypriot bread, Cyprus Cheese, and Olive. Freshly brewed coffee, or Turkish Tea, you are ready for day ? not yet, Have you had your Turkish Coffee? No sugar please, after the coffee you can drink water and you will feel the great taste. now you are ready for the day, Walk around 100 meter and visit most famous Kyrenia Harbour, and Shipwreck museum, walk around the castle, and ready to Discover the St.Hilarion Castle, wow don’t think its easy to reach! you are going to claim around 750m high so don’t forget your sport shoes, once you are on top of the castle don’t forget to take picture with “congratulation” sign, This great castle build by byzantines, and used by Lusignans, and veneditians, Don’t miss the great view from Queen’s Window. Definitely must seen place.

Bellapais abbey

After St.Hilarion Castle I am sure you are hungry and ready to visit Laurence Duress’s Village Bellapais village and Bellapais Monastery, each year hundereds of peoples visiting Bellapais village and monastery. after visiting this magnificent building and village, you are ready for lunch. Stop at Kybele Restaurant next to Bellapais Monastery. and don’t forget to order your Fish and Wine, its to early to try Raki. chill out here. time to go back to Hotel, take a taxi or Dolmush(shared mini bus) and go to city Centre to your Hotel.

Relax around the pool or take a taxi to Escape beach around 7 Miles to Centre, Golden Sandy beach, swim in
Mediterranean blue water, relax, and don’t forget to try Famous Efes pilsen, with local peanut! like locals, you can swim in the sea almost 10 month.
After relax afternoon, back to hotel and you are ready for night.


There are plenty restaurant around the old harbour and also west of Kyrenia and East of Kyrenia, around the harbour if you want to try memes, and Full kebab, we recommend niazis Kebab restaurant, or if you want to try fresh fish, there are plenty fish restaurants, around. If you are having fresh fish don’t forget to try Raki Drink with water. don’t drink too much, its strong drink. Made by aniseed

After Dinner its to early to go bed, if you are not to tired! Kerne still live and not sleeping, You can enjoy around the old harbour Live Guitar or if you want bit more lively dance, there are plenty night clubs around the west of Kyrenia and East of Kyrenia, Bars and pubs, are open until early morning of hours.


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