North Cyprus’s Best Beach Guide

North Cyprus’s Best Beach Guide

You may think North Cyprus is a small Island and it is. However there are plenty Sandy and Crystal Clear Water Beaches. Most of beaches you will find like private and undiscovered in North Cyprus.

There are plenty beach to choose, Windy Surf Beach, Sandy Beaches and Rocky Beaches for Snorkelling.

Here is our pick of the best beaches in North Cyprus I started my selection from Kyrenia Area, and it will follow Famagusta and Karpaz Area.


Escape Beach ( Yavuz Cikarma Plaji)

This is one of the private Sandy beach in Kyrenia area The bar and food is great and water is always calm, Locals and Tourist use the beach, there are Scuba, and water sports available at Yavuz Cikarma beach, Reaching the Escape beach is easy, you can take taxi or shared Dolmush, it will take you front of the Escape beach.

Escape Beach North Cyprus

Camelot Beach

This is around 3 miles away from Escape beach. Old Fishing harbour for Alsancak, Run by GAU university, sandy beach area and perfect for snorkelling and fishing, there is Beach bar and above Restaurant available when you compare with Escape beach is Less busy here, you can take again Dolmush or Taxi and small walk will take you to Camelot beach, they are itself is Old Lambusa Kingdom, you will see old Church and Stone building around the Area.


Camelot Beach Alsancak North Cyprus

Denizkizi Beach

This Sandy beach belongs to Denizkizi Hotel and run by them, used by Hotel customers, and also accept guest from outside, its second busy beach around the west of Kyrenia area. There is a Restaurant and bar. Food is excellent, run by Nazi’s Restaurants where famous Kebab Restaurant in Kyrenia, around 2 Miles away from Camelot beach located west of Kyrenia Alsancak village. Water sports and Scuba diving available at Denizkizi Beach

Denizkizi Beach Alsancak

Guzelyali beach

More Rural beach located very West of Kyrenia in Karsiyaka village opposite Guzelyali Hotel and also run by Mehmet Cuma owner of the Guzelyali beach, they don’t charge Entrance fee, they charge only Services such as Sun loungers, and beds, and Showers etc. There is a Beach Bar and Restaurant available, MEHMET Cuma’s Fresh Fish is Famous. The beach is half Sandy and Half pebbles, Les crowd, and less people here. Fantastic for honeymoon couples.

Guzelyali beach

Acapulco Hotel Beach

Are you looking for mile of Sandy beach, Great Sandy Beach however little busy and you will find lots of children and activates for them also, Beach Run Buy Acapulco Hotel itself Capacity around two thousand people, plus Local visitors from outside make Acapulco beach lively and busy, if you are looking quite day weekend is not suitable for you, best to go midweek, located Catalkoy area East of Kyrenia, All water Sports available, there is A Beach restaurant and Bar available there.

Acapulco Beach North Cyprus

Karpaz Golden Beach

Yes I Kept this one last because its important and private, not seen before like this beach, far away from cities, and people, Nature and beach together, miles and miles crystal water Mediterranean sandy beach, and backdrop Green mountain portrait, Water always calm and beach never Dirty, as not many people around, even Middle of the summer, you can feel private and separate there, there is two Small restaurant available at the Golden sand beach, I stop at Burhan Beach Restaurant, and have Fresh Fish with Efes Beer.

Golden Sandy Beach Karpas



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A Day in National Park Karpas – North Cyprus

A Day in National Park Karpas – North Cyprus

Life a Film, it will take you back to 1960th or 1970 years, Still Natural and Unspoilt, friendly, crystal Clear Sea Water, Miles of Sandy Beach, without Noise and Crowd, various tones of Green, Smell of the herbs, those words not enough to describe the Karpas National Park.

Wake up early and take your way to Karpaz I suggest you to use the Coastal road if you are going from Kyrenia Pass all the villages, and arrive to Esentepe keep going you will find Karpas Road, time for stop for coffee, and local olive bread, at Kandilli Local bakery at the Mehmetcik village, where they produce great great sweet, and wines during summer times, they do local bread, and Olive with Hallomi with Local green herbs. Its amazing taste. Just out from bakery. those breads will stay in your mind long time, look around and see the natural atmosphere, feel the cypriot people great welcome. Time to go to discover Karpas more, we are driving and passing the villages, Avtepe, Yenierenkoy, where small guest houses, and Fishing harbour, soon we will arrive Dipkarpaz village, We need break now, we are going to stop at Village centre to have our coffee’s at Greek Coffee Shop yes you didn’t hear wrong its greek coffee shop, so strange isn’t it, where on the island guns, and wars, however at the karpaz no war and no gun, no fight, Turkish and Greek people live together so many years, and Karpras is not divided, its united place In Cyprus.

After having our coffees, we leave our luggage at the Karpas Arch House where we will stay tonight, small friendly guest house, I love it, friendly atmosphere, Natural breakfast, quite atmosphere, no TV in the room, no traffic, no crowd, Cypriot houses turn to small guest houses.

After we checked in we carry our way to Golden beach and Apostolos Andreas Monastery, and natural park, wow what a amazing view of the Golden beach, yes its miles and miles, and any time its quite, doesn’t matter any month of the year still quite, and not many people around, not seen before like this natural beach before? One side Golden sand beach, one side Mountains with Green Cover.

We drive little bit more and reach the Monastery, While we are driving will able to see and feed the Local Donkey’s of Karpas, those are the locals and the Karpas, and will wait you to feed them, amazing Monastery still open you can visit Monastery’s Church. Looked after by Local prise. If you want you can leave your car there and take a walk around the Natural park or swim in Crystal Clear Mediterranean Water.

Take a walk to old City Ruins of Karpas where the Firstly City Found there, look around and feel the Cyprus. It will make you to understand real Cyprus, Rural Cyprus, Natural Cyprus.

Time for Eating Something, You will find plenty Small Friendly Restaurant where they serve Fresh Fish Caught Daily, with Local olive oil and Fresh bread, Fresh Salad. After Lunch and Relax time, we return to our small guest house, no traffic or crowd in the village, only Smiley Faces of village people and children play middle of the road, however nobody disturb them, when the dark arrive everybody moves to homes, and village stay alone, that is time, to watch the stars and listen the Karpas.

This is the Karpas and Real Cyprus.

Thank you.

Erkan Kilim

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Giant Tourism Project for Lapta

Giant Tourism Project for Lapta

Mr.Namsoy: UE will provide 471 943. Lapta Municipality 83 283 Euros to the project.

A press conference has been organised to give information about “Regional Development with Tourism and Lapta Region Capacity improvement Project” Which took effect with a contract signed by Lapta Municipality and EU Commission on 19th August 2014.

Lapta Mayor Fuat Namsoy, EU sipport office Programmes Supervisor Alessandra Vieezzer Project Manager Agustin Moya Colorada attended the conference where the aims of the Project have been described as making the town more attractive for tourist and contributing towards.

At the Conference organised by Municipalities Union, Project Detals have been Explained and Lapta Mayor Fuat Namsoy and EU Commission programme Team Leader Alessandra have made speeches.

Lapta Coastal walkway

The cost of project is 555 526 Euros. Lapta Mayor Fuat Namsoy stated that the Project will be supported financially by EU as part of living standards development amongst Rural Society programme.

Lapta Mayor Confirmed, The Area will be improved Such as new shops, new path ways, Cycle roads, Walking areas, and more public beach. and They  are targeting to get more tourist in to Lapta in 2015. Mr Namsoy added. Lapta is one of the most imprortant place for North Cyprus Tourism, We have almost 2000 Bed capacity in the area, and new famous brand of Hilton coming to Lapta Area also said Mr.Namsoy.

This year From Germany, Holland, Belgium, Turkey, Poland, Norway and many other country Travel agents visited Lapta region and they already started to promote Lapta, and Mr Namsoy added, Holiday in North Cyprus perfect for families with Children, there are lost of activites and area is safe said.

Mr Namsoy said they are planning new Tourism Festival and village days for 2015 season.

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Spend a Day in North Cyprus



Kyrenia Harbour

So you have 24 hours in the beautiful island of North Cyprus Never been and looking to discover the historical Kyrenia harbour, and more, drop the luggage to the hotel, and put yourself outside to discover the unspoilt North Cyprus, shops and Cafes opens around 09.00 am, so walk down to old Harbour, and have your breakfast opposite the Kyrenia Castle, Fresh Cypriot bread, Cyprus Cheese, and Olive. Freshly brewed coffee, or Turkish Tea, you are ready for day ? not yet, Have you had your Turkish Coffee? No sugar please, after the coffee you can drink water and you will feel the great taste. now you are ready for the day, Walk around 100 meter and visit most famous Kyrenia Harbour, and Shipwreck museum, walk around the castle, and ready to Discover the St.Hilarion Castle, wow don’t think its easy to reach! you are going to claim around 750m high so don’t forget your sport shoes, once you are on top of the castle don’t forget to take picture with “congratulation” sign, This great castle build by byzantines, and used by Lusignans, and veneditians, Don’t miss the great view from Queen’s Window. Definitely must seen place.

Bellapais abbey

After St.Hilarion Castle I am sure you are hungry and ready to visit Laurence Duress’s Village Bellapais village and Bellapais Monastery, each year hundereds of peoples visiting Bellapais village and monastery. after visiting this magnificent building and village, you are ready for lunch. Stop at Kybele Restaurant next to Bellapais Monastery. and don’t forget to order your Fish and Wine, its to early to try Raki. chill out here. time to go back to Hotel, take a taxi or Dolmush(shared mini bus) and go to city Centre to your Hotel.

Relax around the pool or take a taxi to Escape beach around 7 Miles to Centre, Golden Sandy beach, swim in
Mediterranean blue water, relax, and don’t forget to try Famous Efes pilsen, with local peanut! like locals, you can swim in the sea almost 10 month.
After relax afternoon, back to hotel and you are ready for night.


There are plenty restaurant around the old harbour and also west of Kyrenia and East of Kyrenia, around the harbour if you want to try memes, and Full kebab, we recommend niazis Kebab restaurant, or if you want to try fresh fish, there are plenty fish restaurants, around. If you are having fresh fish don’t forget to try Raki Drink with water. don’t drink too much, its strong drink. Made by aniseed

After Dinner its to early to go bed, if you are not to tired! Kerne still live and not sleeping, You can enjoy around the old harbour Live Guitar or if you want bit more lively dance, there are plenty night clubs around the west of Kyrenia and East of Kyrenia, Bars and pubs, are open until early morning of hours.


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