North Cyprus Beaches

Do you enjoy going to a beautiful beach when you are on holiday? Well you will not be disappointed with the beaches to choose from in North Cyprus. There are long sandy beaches, rocky coves or even deserted beaches where you might be the only one on there.

Starting from the East of the island, in the Karpas peninsula, you will come across lots of little bays as you drive up the coast and right at the very tip of the island you will find one of the most beautiful sandy beaches on the island. Travelling back towards Kyrenia you will see a sign for Alagadi or Turtle Beach. This is a large bay that is separated in two by a sand dune. Although this is an excellent choice for swimming, the beach is a protected beach as the turtles lay their eggs here in nesting season. You will not be able to dig holes too deep, light barbeques, leave litter or take your dog on the beach. There is a turtle protection society based here and they close the beach between 8pm and 8am to protect the nests. If you would like to learn more about the turtle nesting and hatching, you can speak to the protection society staff and if there is a hatching while you are there, you will be able to watch.

Carrying on towards Kyrenia you will come to a sign for Lara Beach. Again this is a great beach for swimming and is popular with expats. The beach has basic facilities and a café. Just past Lara Beach you will see Acapulco Resort Hotel. This is a large resort with a beautiful sandy beach. For non-residents there is a small charge. This is a popular beach for families with children. A little nearer to Kyrenia is Catalkoy Beach. This beach offers plenty of water sports and is a popular choice at the weekends.

Going West of Kyrenia again you will find small coves and bays. The first main popular beach is Escape Beach. This is situated by the huge Turkish army monument and you will also see a sign saying 5 Mile. This is another popular choice for families with its sandy beach, sun loungers, changing facilities, showers, restaurant and bar. It will cost you to go on here so might not be a choice for every day sunbathing. Just a little further along the East coast you will come to Deniz kizi Beach. Again you will be charged a small fee if you are not staying at the Denizkizi or Denizkizi Royal Hotel, but it is a minimal charge for sun loungers, umbrella and a nice sandy beach that they keep clean. There is a restaurant, showers and changing facilities here.

Carry on going East and you will see Camelot Beach. This is a sandy beach in a small bay. It is kept clean and they have recently done work to the bar and restaurant to make it an ideal place to sit and relax. If you carry on going East until the road bends around to the left for Guzelyurt, there will a turning on the right for Kayalar. Take this road. You will find that this road is slightly rough, but it is worth going down here to see the view over the Mediterranean. If you carry on as far as you can go you will see some beautiful deserted beaches and this is the ideal place to see the sun set.

These beaches are all along the North coast. However, there are also some beautiful beaches around the Famagusta area. Bafra Beach is sandy and has sun loungers and a restaurant. Glapsides Beach is popular with families with children as the sea is shallow until you get quite far out. This beach is also popular with students. The beach has sun loungers, sun shades, showers, a restaurant, bar and market. Within the Salamis area you will find stunningly long, sandy beaches at both Salamis Bay Conti Hotel and also Long Beach Hotel

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