Are you going Holiday Single ?

Do you want a holiday, but have no-one to go with? You might be single, divorced, widowed or just having to travel on your own this time as no-one is available to go with you. North Cyprus is the perfect place to travel alone. Being a lot safer than most country's and the crime rate being very low, you really will feel comfortable with walking around on your own. 
You might also meet singles and make friends/travel companions for a lifetime!

Turkish is the main language used in North Cyprus, however English is also widely spoken. So even though you are in a foreign country, you will not feel isolated. There are also a lot of ex-pats now living in this part of the island who will be happy to share their knowledge of the surrounding areas so that you know where are the best places to visit.

No matter what your location and hotel preferences are, I'm sure there will something to suit your needs. Some of the smaller family run hotels are ideal for the single traveller as they are more friendly, with the staff remembering your name and making you feel like a friend by the time you go home.

The traveller may be as involved as you'd like in the tour activities. You can either spend time with the other solo travellers, or relax and explore on your own. We have an office in North Cyprus, as well as the UK, and the local representative will be in regular contact with you so that you know someone is always there if you need them.

So don't put off booking a holiday because you don't have anyone to go with. You can enjoy yourself just as much, or maybe more, with just yourself to please.

If you are planning to single holidays North Cyprus is best destination, you can join our daily tours to discover North Cyprus, we have some North Cyprus hotels which is offering NO single supplement please contact us for your single holidays

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