Average air temperatures

Jan Feb Mar April May June July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec
15c 18c 19c 22c 26c 30c 33c 32c 29c 27c 23c 18c
60f 65f 66f 72f 79f 88f 93f 91f 86f 81f 73f 65f

North Cyprus is an all year round holiday destination due to the warm, and mainly dry weather.

Although December and January are classed as their winter months, you can still expect to see the sun and the days should still be warm. The evenings and nights will be colder and you will need winter clothes, although still not a heavy coat. Layers are better than thickness, as you can wear as many layers as necessary. You might see some rain in January and February, although the days will still mainly be sunny.

February and March will be similar to January with mainly sunny days, possibility of some rain and the evenings and nights cooler. However March is the start of Spring so the temperatures will start to rise again. Light winter clothes would be advisable.

April and May the temperature will be warm but comfortable. Again it will cool down in the evenings, but still be pleasantly warm.

By June the temperature is getting hotter and you will definitely not need any winter clothes. The evenings will now be warmer, although bearable.

July, August and September can be very hot, and if the humidity is high, then it can seem even hotter. Spending your days near a pool or the sea is definitely advised. The evenings will still be hot, so you will find most people sitting where there is air-conditioning, fans or near the sea so they get the sea breeze.

October and November are still warm in the day but depending on where you are spending the evening, you might want longer sleeves and trousers.

If you are flexible with when you can go on holiday, then it is advisable to choose when you go by what you want to do while you are there. If you like to sunbathe and sit by the pool or the sea in the day, then the summer months will be ok for you. If you like to go out and see the sights in the day, then going before or after July - mid September is advisable. If you are travelling with children, and limited to school holidays, then somewhere with a swimming pool or near the sea is definitely recommended.

The Cyprus seasons are Autumn in October, Winter from November - March, Spring n April and May and then Summer from June - September.

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