Karpaz Arch House - Dipkarpaz
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Karpaz Arch House - Dipkarpaz
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Reviewed 01-10-2016

When visiting North Cyprus you should find time to go to the Karpaz, north eastern point of the island. Vertually unspoilt the beaches are long and sandy, on the same par as the caribbean. Depending on where you are staying in the North, it can be a bit of a drive, so it is a good idea to stay the night so that you have time to explore and reach the tip of the island, as well as have time to relax on the beautiful beaches and clear blue sea. The Arch Houses are the ideal place. Small, clean and has everything you need for just one or two nights. If you can go without wifi for a night then this is a lovely hotel to stay. Traditonal Turkish breakfast is included in the price.