North Cyprus Map

North Cyprus Map

North Cyprus Map

North Cyprus spans from the Karpaz Peninsula in the North East, to Morphou Bay in the West and further South to Louroujina, covering 1.295 square miles. Kyrenia, on the North coast, is the most popular tourist resort. Not only for the large choice of hotels, but also due to its central location for travelling both to the East and West of the island. Popular for its sandy beachfront hotels, Famagusta on the East coast is the 2nd popular tourist resort. Lefkosa, or Nicosia as it is also known, is the capital city of Cyprus. It is the only remaining divided capital in the world, divided by the Turkish North side and the Greek South side. Throughout the year you will find festivals in some of the smaller villages.



Situated on the Northern coast, Kyrenia is the resort most holiday-makers go to in North Cyprus With the picturesque harbour and castle in the town centre, you can study some of the history, go shopping and relax by the harbour, all within walking distance. With a selection of hotels ranging from 3* – 5*, most offering bed and breakfast or half board. You will find some of the 5* hotels are all inclusive. Within the Kyrenia district, one of the main attractions is the village of Bellapais. The small village in the mountains has a beautiful view of Kyrenia town centre. The abbey was built in the 13th century and is now used as a museum and also venue for music festivals. St. Hilarian Castle sits on top of the mountain range, giving a spectacular view of Kyrenia. If you don’t mind the height, then walking to the top of the castle is a must.


Situated on the East coast of Cyprus, Famagusta has the deepest harbour on the island. Now a small port, Famagusta used to be a fishing village. Famagusta is renowned for its beachfront hotels. Situated on long sandy beaches, they are popular for anyone wanting to truly relax. St Barnabas Church is now used as a museum and holds a collection of artefacts. North of Famagusta is Salamis Ruins, an archaeological site where relics and gold coins dating back from 411 to 374 BC have been excavated. Further north still is the Karpaz Peninsula, known as the Panhandle. The Karpaz is virtually unspoilt and is known for its wild donkeys and deserted long, sandy beaches.

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The capital city of Cyprus is divided between the Turkish, North side of the island, and the Greek, South side, since 1974. The city is enclosed by a 16th century wall, built in the Venetian times, to protect the city from the Ottomans. There are three gates and Kyrenia Gate is now used as a Tourist Information Centre. The town centre has a selection of medieval buildings, museums and ancient churches. The centre of the city, narrow streets, shops, restaurants and cafes, is the liveliest part. There is plenty of history in Lefkosa and two of the main places to visit are Selimiye Mosque dating back to the 14th century, and The Great Inn (Buyuk Han) dating back to the 16th century.