Winter sun holidays in north cyprus. A1 Cyprus offer superb winter deals for Northern Cyprus

Why spend the winter in wet, cold Britain, when you could be enjoying some of the 300 days a year of sunshine that North Cyprus has to offer? This is truly a year-round holiday destination and an ideal place for a winter-sun break, or a long-stay winter holiday. Away from the peak season, prices are incredibly reasonable. In fact, when you take into account the costs of electricity and heating your home, you might even be able to save money! The winter climate in Cyprus is mild. November is still relatively hot, with daytime temperatures usually in the 20s, though cooler in the evenings. Through December, January and February, the weather is fairly consistent. The likelihood of some rain is higher in the winter season, mostly during January and February, but you will still have plenty of sunshine. Temperatures in the day are usually around the high teens centigrade, though peak figures in the mid-20s have been recorded. At night it is quite cool, so you will need some warm clothing if you are going out in the evening, but it remains pleasant and certainly a great deal warmer than at home. Just pack a selection of clothing and you will be fine!


Due to the comparatively lower demand in the low season, there tend to be somewhat less frequent flights so you may need to be a little more flexible with regard to travelling dates. However, most weekend services still operate and the most obvious benefit is in terms of cost. Virtually all the shops are open all year, though opening times are a little shorter in the winter season. Some restaurants and cafes in small villages are closed, but in the main towns and popular spots, nearly everything remains open. For those who enjoy somewhat more active leisure pursuits, the winter is an excellent time for walking holidays, mountain biking, horse riding and the like. Away from the scorching summer heat, it is an incredibly pleasant time to relax in the superb scenery. An excellent time for photography too, as the light is clear and bright, without excessive heat haze. All the important public monuments and historical sites remain open throughout the year, though during the winter season opening times or days may be restricted, particularly for more ‘out of the way’ places. Some however, simply leave the gates or doors open!


Although Northern Cyprus loosely follows Muslim traditions, it is generally a secular society and many people here celebrate Christmas and the New Year. Shops, restaurants, bars, tavernas and cafes generally disregard the season and operate as normal, and you are unlikely to find many Christmas displays in shop windows. However, the vast majority of hotels that offer winter-sun breaks do provide for the festive season and many offer a full, traditional Christmas dinner with turkey and all the trimmings. This being Cyprus, you are best to leave any diet plans at home, no matter what time of the year! All Cypriots love a celebration and an excuse for a special occasion, and the New Year is heralded in spectacular style in most hotels.


As for the cost aspect, eating out tends to be excellent value, with many places offering winter deals and special prices. Many hotels have winter-sun special offers, giving upgrades or additional stays. It is common for hotels to provide deals such as three weeks for the price of two, room upgrades and upgrades from bed and breakfast to half board. Call us now, and we can give you details about North Cyprus holidays in the wintertime. Come with us, and replace the winter blues with North Cypriot sunshine!